Friday,  November  25,  2011,  Las  Vegas,  NV:  The  lights  dim  and  change  to  blue  as  the Outlaw Legend comes on stage.  In the front row – although they‘re excited and as happy as  can  be  –  the  Elvisses  from  Germany  can  hardly  keep  their  eyes  open  and  try  hard  not to fall off their seats. How could it come to this? Saturday,  December  11,  2010,  Pfungstadt,  Germany:  Here,  many  years  before,  two  very drunk Elvisses discovered that they both had something in common: their admiration for Kris. They decide to thank him for his music in their own special way. Thursday,  November  24,  2011,  Düsseldorf,  Germany:    Instead  of  getting  enough  sleep before  their  long  jour ney,  the  Elvisses  make  up  their  minds  to  get  thoroughly  drunk.  Later,  on  their  flight  from  Düsseldorf  to  Vegas,  a  friendly  steward  helps  them  maintain their splendid alcohol level and keeps them awake. 36 hours without sleep... Friday,  November  25,  2011,  Las  Vegas,  NV:  Before  the  show  begins,  the  tired  Elvisses nevertheless  succeed  in  meeting  their  idol  backstage  and  submit  their  idea,  their  tribute album, to him. Now the lights are beginning to dim... Saturday,  September  21,  2013,  Nashville,  TN:  The  three  Elvisses,  in  Maui,  Hawaii  known as the “Düsseldorf Dudes”, can still not believe, what their booze fantasy hast tur ned into:  Rocket  to  Stardom’s  first  album,  which  you  are  holding  in  your  hands  at  the  moment, has  not  only  found  its  way  via  Hawaii  to  Nashville  –  it  has  led  right  to  Kris’  very  own  KK Records and to the first recording with his daughter Kelly.
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